SERO is now member of the automotive-initiative of Rhineland Palatinate

The automotive-initiative of Rhineland Palatinate with many decision makers from industry, politics and science has set itself the objective to drive the automotive industry forward.

With round about 65.000 employees in total, the automotive industry is one of the most important amongst Rhineland Palatinate. The automotive sector is characterized by high innovative strength and efficiency in production. Taken together, the companies located in Rhineland Palatinate produce nearly every part, which is applied in a car, meeting highest quality standards. Through that, they maintain an essential part in empowering Germany as a strong exporting country for vehicles. Building upon this statement, for the future it is decisive to have the Top service provider of the German EMS market involved.

As a common goal of the automotive-initiative, together we will face current challenges, such as electrification and digitalization of cars, as well as autonomous driving.


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