SERO GmbH on Business Trip in Latvia

From the 11th to the 13th of April 2019, SERO traveled together with the Vehicle Initiative Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. to Riga. On the agenda were the “Deep Tech Atelier”, the “International Motor Show 2019” and visits to Latvian companies.


We are striving for internationalization and growth. Latvia holds great potential with its big start-up scene and the Latvian professionals.
– Norbert Reiling


The “Deep Tech Atelier” is a technology conference dedicated to the creation and development of deep-tech startups. On the spot, discussions and contributions based on the motto “learning from colleagues and the industry” were on the agenda. Norbert Reiling, CEO of the SERO GmbH, contributed a discourse on the current and future challenges in the automotive industry from the point of view of a specialized supplier. He also gave the audience an outlook on the development of human resources and presented SERO’s innovation tools.

At the biggest International Motor Show of the Baltic States “Auto 2019”, everything revolved around the subject of “vehicles”, whether new car presentation, car mechanics or tuning vehicles.

After the trip to Riga, SERO is certain that Latvia is an attractive location that will make a significant contribution to e-mobility and Industry 4.0 over the next few years.

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