Range of services

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The services we offer range from development according to your requirements, to material procurement, production, inspection, assembly, and labelling of your products, to warehousing and shipping.

We respond to customer requirements with flexibility at all times. You have the choice between complete solutions and individual services.

All processes and business transactions at SERO are controlled by an advanced ERP system. This means we have no problem taking on logistics services for you, even all the way to your final customers.

With our services and lean management structures, we are the right partner to reduce costs with you, every time.







Management system

Our three-stage management system helps ensure that our strategies are implemented consistently in all areas of the company.

All core processes at SERO are steered using a balanced scorecard. Key performance indicators are used to monitor the strategic requirements of top management and to control the achievement of objectives with corrective actions.

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Cost-optimized design is the watchword for our experienced engineers as they develop your products to meet your expectations, from the functional specification through approval and validation to series production readiness.

We develop concepts and implement solutions based on your basic approach. We design the mechanical systems, draft the circuits, create the circuit board layout, and develop the software in a high-level language or assembler.

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Purchasing – Global

With supply chain management in place at SERO, we procure excellent quality at good prices through our global procurement activities with manufacturers and distributors. Our customers benefit from the results. With periodic benchmarking activities, we review the competitiveness of our suppliers.

We ensure the availability of purchased parts with extensive logistical systems.

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Careers at SERO


SERO is more successful than ever. We are working hard to be the top-ranking company in the EMS field. We are setting benchmarks in technology and innovation. We inspire our customers and our employees.

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The packaging management solution integrated in our ERP system is second to none. We have precise knowledge, at all times, of which packages are located where, whether at customers, at suppliers, at shipping companies, or at SERO.

With kanban shipments directly to your factory, just-in-time delivery with buffer inventory at SERO, or consignment storage at your facility—we adapt flexibly to your logistic concepts. Deliveries to the bulk of our customers take place via SERO plant transport.

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We produce electronic products in medium-sized to large series batches on our cutting-edge SMD populating equipment.

The level of populating performance, repeatability, availability, population and soldering quality, and the automatic visual inspection meet the toughest requirements of our challenging clientele.

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Just like SMD assembly, THT assembly is also performed in strict accordance with the specifications of IPC-A-610F. In the conventional population lines, the THT components are populated directly in solder frames in the circuit boards at state-of-the-art populating tables.

The in-line transport systems feed the solder frames through the wave soldering system and then back to the populating stations.

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In the area of depanelization, we have mastered all of the current depanelization processes blindfolded:

  • Manual and semi-automated depanelization using rotary cutter
  • Semi-automated depanelization with impact cutter
  • Fully automated depanelization using cutting and stamping technology
  • Fully automated depanelization using cutting mills, including inline

Special Machines

With our customized in-line populators, we are able to press electromechanical components into the circuit board. The joining process is monitored with a 100% force-and-distance measurement, and press-in tolerances are in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Stitching of contact pins, knife blades, and other punched parts are mastered with a fully automated in-line system operating under the magazine-to-magazine principle.

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Test systems

For less complex assemblies, and for multipurpose components, we design test lines that operate under the magazine-to-magazine principle.

With test systems developed in-house at SERO, we have an advantage in terms of automation level, test technologies, and testing costs.

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